Blog Partner

Blogger Program


Your blog must have 200+ Email Subscribers or Followers.– One of your other social networks must have 4,000+ followers. (Youtube, instagram, tumblr, lookbook, pinterest, polyvore etc.)

2. ₦5000 and up in free products every month.

Higher value products possible if we find the partnership successful (which will be evaluated by traffic you bring to our website).

3.Put uberchicville promo icon on your blog.

Please put ÜberChic Ville Promo Icon on the home page of your blog, and the icon should link to www.uberchicville.com

4.Product Review:

You should take photos of you using the products you received and make post or video within 7 days after receiving the items.– All published posts and comments should contain links to the product or brand page on uberchicville’s website.– Please email us once you publish your photos and comments.

4.uberchicville has the right to use the information of your post:

— We may use your photos or reviews on our website or share them to our social network account.

For more information, please send e-mail to info@uberchicville.com.ng