Cosmetic Glitter – InterGalactic Stars

Cosmetic Glitter – InterGalactic Stars
August 7, 2017 ÜberChic Ville
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Cosmetic Glitter – InterGalactic Stars

Take a Space Shuttle into our Galaxy of Cosmic Dust and Sparkly Stars.

Don’t be afraid to Sparkle, Shine or Gleam.

Glitter, after all, is a Girl’s best friend

Our collection of cosmetic glitters are safe for Eyes, Lips and Body.

With a range of 20 colours and counting, only the Galaxies can compete with your Shine…

Our pressed glitter eyeshadow pallete is everything a beauty and makeup lover needs. With a range of loose glitters and single pressed glitter eyeshadow, we offer beauty lovers a world of cosmic bliss

Ships from Lagos to all parts of Nigeria.


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