Dark Knight

Dark Knight

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Hand Blend Holographic Dark Blue Glitters

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  • Our loose cosmetic glitters are incredibly versatile and can be combined with other products to create a high-level sparkle effect and an intensely glamorous look either on skin, nails or even for crafting. Combine with products to create a dramatic and top quality effect on almost everything.  A little goes a long way with these 10g tubs of sparkle and with a variety of stunning colours available to choose from.
  • Please note that all products are filled by hand, therefore, slight weight or volume variations  may occur. All products are filled to the fullest capacity, but may weight more or less depending on individual product density.

Grain Size = .006 x .006 to a .008 x .008

Please Note* Glitter near the eyes or on sensitive areas of the face could cause irritation if applied loose and/or in large amounts.We do advise you use this product appropriately and with caution.

***Screen Resolutions may affect appearance of colours and may slightly differ in person


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